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Twenty-five Teachers at 14 Elementary Schools Participate in 2019 Countdown to Kindergarten
The 2019 Countdown to Kindergarten kicked off with a meeting of teacher/home visitors on June 11. Beginning July 1 through August 15, kindergarten teachers will make six visits to the homes of participating students and families. Visits are hour-long sessions whereby children and families are introduced to actual materials used in kindergarten. Each child is given a Kindergarten Transition Toolkit which is a backpack filled with such educational items as books, puzzles, clay, blocks, and floor mats. The children will also visit and become familiar with their assigned kindergarten school and classroom. The program will target 80 at-risk children and their parents. Teachers serving as home visitors this summer are: Kim Kirby, Tricia Harrison, and Allison Ammons, Anderson School District 1; Susan Cox and Robyn Crawford, Anderson School District 2; Kalee Urban, Hannah McLelland, and Dreama Sudduth, Anderson School District 3; Amy Comptom, Tanya Denny, Jennifer Crosby, Jennifer Jenkins, and Kathryn Price, Anderson School District 4; and Kendall Mauldin, Shelby Chstain, Cely Tate, Amanda Gladney, Verika Gambrell, Erin Stallo, Amanda Pearson, Lauren Vaughn, Nikki Ballew, Holly Bearden, Stacy Kubu, and Kinsley Parker, Anderson School District 5. Coordinators in each district are: Liz Wittebort, District 1, Allison Strickland, District 2, Tammy Vaughn, District 3, Charity Walker, District 4, and Tonna Marroni, District 5. Many thanks to the five school districts which select participating children and parents and match the children with their assigned teachers. Additional information can be found on this website under the Programs tab.

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