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ANDERSON SCHOOL DISTRICT 1 COMMUNITY iMPACT by Liz Wittebort: "This past school year, 2 teen moms, 5 Adult Education mothers, and 1 Adult Education father were served in the Family Literacy program. The two teen mothers seemed to show the most amount of change. They both came to the program with lots of anxiety and fear about being pregnant and had a lot to work through with family and friends before even being able to focus on the health of their pregnancy. Once they worked on these relationships and started rebuilding trust, they were able refocus on the baby and their new responsibilities as a parent. These mothers became so much more confident in their abilities and really were able to accomplish so much in such a short amount of time, including rebuilding relationships, earning their diploma, and preparing to become a parent. I couldn't be prouder of their accomplishments." This was my first year serving a father in the Family Literacy Class at the Adult Education Center, and I am excited to share how much he was able to contribute to the group. He was able to share his experiences with past relationships, having his first child, and now being a single parent while trying to work full-time and earn his GED. I think all of the mothers really enjoyed having him in the class to share his male perspective on family life. Although he was unable to complete the GED program, due to financial reasons, I feel he was such an important addition to our group. I think that we all learned a great deal from him about family life, parenting, and raising children which shows how important it is to have these classes available to our parents.

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